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Applications for the 2019 Greater Manchester Fringe open 1st December 2018

We love all art forms, we're open to anything!
New writing, revivals, stand up, sketch shows, clowning, dance, visual arts, mentalism, magic, physical theatre, bands, orchestras, club nights, choirs, children's shows, something that's a bit of everything! 

To apply register with


What is the Greater Manchester Fringe?

A Fringe Festival open to everyone.

The Greater Manchester Fringe is an arts festival that takes place 1st - 31st July each year.
We are open to all art forms, and our aim is to showcase Greater Manchester's thriving grass roots art scene to a wider population, people that wouldn't necessarily go and seek out a tiny performance in the back room of a pub. 

We are also here to support groups in getting their performances up and running and we are here to help with all aspects of that.
If you're a poet, playwright, performance artist, in a rock band, a magician, a mime artist, a DJ a singer a comedian an actor a mentalist... 
Whatever it is you do. We want to hear from you, and help you get your event up and running for our festival in July.
Manchester if full of amazing venues and wonderful talents, we help to bring it all together and make it accessible for everyone.


Any type of performance is suitable for the Fringe.

The first thing you need to do to take part is to register yourself on as an Event Producer. Fill out as much information as you can.
Then search within Eventotron for the Greater Manchester Fringe and apply.

You can apply to up to 5 venues within our system. If you want to use a venue that's not in our system that's absolutely fine, make your own arrangements with them and just let us know when and where you are booked in.

Some venues will have many shows taking place throughout the day, morning, afternoon, evening and late night. Day time shows can work really well so don't dismiss the idea out of hand if you get offered an afternoon slot. 

The length of run is up to you and what you feel will work best for you and your audience. You can decide this with your venue. Most people go for between 1 and 6 performances. If you've never put on a show before, just do a short run, see how you get on, you can always add dates if you're selling well or take the show on to another venue if it does really well.

We try hard to help groups find a suitable slot for in the Greater Manchester Fringe.
If the places listed on our website don't work out for you, you are very welcome to find your own space. So long as it's in Greater Manchester, that's fine.
If you are struggling to find a suitable venue, email us and let us know, don't wait until the last minute to tell us you are having a problem.

Think creatively, we've had shows in tents, camper vans and air B&B's. 

When a venue books you in, make sure you know exactly what deal they are offering. Are they charging you? Do they want to do a box office split? Are they offering a technician? Front of house staff? Someone to do the door money for you? Get all the info upfront, it saves both you and the venue time in the long run. If you don't understand an offer that's been made to you. Ask them to explain, or ask us for advice.

If you decide to accept a slot from a particular venue but have applied to more than one, then do let the others know that they are no longer needed so they can offer their space to other companies. Make sure you understand the deal the venue is offering you and what it includes. If in doubt, ask us for help, that's what we're here for. We are happy for you to perform your show in a few different venues. Greater Manchester is a huge area. Why not take your show to Manchester City Centre, Stockport, Bury, Wigan and Salford? 

Late applications will be accepted but you may find that most slots have already been taken and you won't be printed in the brochure. The deadline to get into the printed brochure is April 26th.


The list of venues that you could approach can be found on the Venues page of this website.

New venues may be added to this prior to the closing date so it's a good idea to keep checking this.

Have a look at each of the venues details and see which space will be the most suitable for your show. It is important that you are aware of the size of the space, the equipment that they provide and that the venue will be able to accommodate the style of your show. Don't just apply to every venue, they wont all be suitable for you.

If you cannot find a space which you feel suits the needs of your show then you are welcome to find your own space. Alternatively you can contact us and we will try to help you find a venue that is right for you.

All spaces in the festival will vary a lot and will provide different levels of equipment and support, therefore it is important that you check with the venue manager exactly what will and what wont be provided.

In most cases acts will need to bring their own technician as often one isn't provided. Some venues will also expect you to sell your tickets on the door or provide your own front of house person. You will need to check this with the venue manager.

Most venues will have many shows taking place in one day and often equipment will be shared with other acts performing in the same space, meaning that the space might need to be cleared at the end of each show. A lot of spaces won't be able to accommodate shows with complex technical requirements. Again, make sure you check with the venue manager if you have any queries on this.

We have always left it down to the performer to decide what ticket price to charge however we will give you guidance if necessary. 

If you have any queries about the deal a particular venue is offering you, just ask us. It's better to be completely clear on everything before you make an agreement.


What does it cost?

b>Venue Costs:
The cost will be different depending on the length of the show run, when you perform and the venue. It is important to fully understand the deal presented to you by your venue manager. You might be offered a box office split, a straight hire or a free venue. Make sure you check whether or not the costs include a technician and front of house / box office help. Also check if the costs include rehearsal and tech time. 

You might also get charged for issuing comps, PRS, VAT, or other smaller contras. Check the small print before you sign anything. It's better to be clear up front, this saves confusion down the line. Don't be scared of asking questions if you don't understand something. 

Fringe Registration Fees for 2019:
There is a participation fee to be included in The Greater Manchester Fringe. 
This payment is to be made when you submit your show entry after you have confirmed your venue.
The final deadline to be able to appear in the printed brochure is April 26th 2019. 
After this web only listings can still be purchased for a reduced fee.

The new registration fees for 2019 are as follows: 
Single performance - £68
Short run (up to 3 dates) - £78
Long run (4 dates and over) - £92
Late entry (web only) - £64
Additional venue - £28 per additional venue)
We also charge 6% commission on all ticket sales that come via the GM Fringe website.

Registration includes
The listing of your event and an image in the Greater Manchester Fringe brochure. (Unless you are a Late web only entry).
Your event listing online on our website
Your press release and press images hosted on our website
Your tickets sold online via our website.
A performers pass giving your FREE entry to other Greater Manchester Fringe shows (subject to availability)
An invitation to one of our Media days where you will receive advice on your media and marketing campaign and have some photos taken you can use to promote your show
Access to our press list plus other marketing resources through your online performers portal
Year round advice and support for all aspects of your Fringe production.
Entrance into The Greater Manchester Fringe awards.
Invitations to our opening and closing parties.

Box office payments
By the end of August (usually sooner) we will let you know how much we owe you and you will need to invoice us for your ticket money.
We make all payments by BACS directly into your bank account.

Press and Promotion

The Greater Manchester Fringe will assist you in promoting your show.

To do this you will need to provide us with certain information about your show including the show title, the blurb, ticket price, press release and an image that is print quality. We will give you guidance on these things. Please take our advice!

The shows that do best are the ones that read the information we send out to them, turn up to our Media day and provide us with information that can help us to help them sell their show.

Every show will be given a listing on the Greater Manchester Fringe website with your show image and details as well as a link to buying tickets online for your show.

The brochure will be created and distributed by The Greater Manchester Fringe and will detail all of the shows individually. It is a good idea to think about weighing up the cost of getting some flyers and posters printed as an additional way to promote your show. Alternatively you could spend a small amount of money on facebook or twitter adverts. Venues should be happy for you to put posters up and put flyers out for you.

We work hard to help promote all shows and we will give you as much help and advice as possible.
However it is ultimately down to the performer / group to sell their own show. 


Registrations open 1st December 2019

Media Days @ The Kings Arms, 11 Bloom Street, Salford, M3 6AN
18th Feb, 25th Feb, 4th March, 11th March, 18th March, 25th March & 29th April
From 1.30pm - 6pm - email to book a slot.

Deadline to get your show into the printed brochure 26th April 2019

Late Registrations open 27th April  (These will not be included in the print brochure)
Shows go on sale 1st May

Launch Party - Date TBC

Festival 1st - 31st July

Closing Party & Awards - 1st August from 7pm - Venue TBC


Thank you for taking an interest in The Greater Manchester Fringe.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact

If you have read all the information then you are ready to apply. Please find log onto and start getting yourself set up as an Event Producer. You can apply to up to 5 venues. Do your research before applying, not every venue will be suitable for you.

Once you have submitted your applications you should wait to hear from your venue.

If you haven't heard anything within a week give them a call to chase it up. Don't sit around waiting for the phone, you need to be pro-active.

Once you have secured a venue for your show, send us an email and let us know.

Any questions at all, please contact us
We look forward to receiving your applications!

Application for Greater Manchester Fringe 2019

Applications for the Manchester Fringe are now open!

You can register your event and apply to venues on our registration system at Eventotron.