Greater Manchester Fringe

Manchester Fringe: 1st-31st July

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Rising Shadows Productions

A Surgeon's Photograph

A Surgeon's Photograph

In 1956 Robert’s father disappeared after a storm ravaged Loch Ness, 20 years later he is seeking answers. Haunted by the myth of the monster and facing questions of faith, sexuality and trust, the story is told with a mesmerising original score. Rising Shadows Productions brings the premiere of this musical to the Greater Manchester Fringe 2018.

Date Time Venue Tickets Concs
Sun 1 Jul 2018 7:30pm Footlights £7.00 £5.00
Mon 2 Jul 2018 7:30pm Footlights £7.00 £5.00
Tue 3 Jul 2018 7:30pm Footlights £7.00 £5.00