Greater Manchester Fringe

Manchester Fringe: 1st-31st July

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Blackpool, What A Shit Place To Die

Blackpool, What A Shit Place To Die

Meet Billy Costello.
He's a young, gay, depressed, autistic actor with a drug problem. He is a man on the brink. It's 5am. The sea is slowly rising up his body. The lights have just gone out on Blackpool Prom behind him.
Billy looks back on his life and laughs at the tragedies and cries at the happy times. Is this it?
One-man show starring Mark Newsome.
Written by Phil Pearson.

Date Time Venue Tickets Concs
Thu 19 Jul 2018 8:00pm 3MT £10.00 £7.00
Fri 20 Jul 2018 8:00pm 3MT £10.00 £7.00