Greater Manchester Fringe

Manchester Fringe Festival: 1st-31st July

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Luke Helly: Please Stop

Luke Helly: Please Stop

Please Stop is a comedy documentary/documentary comedy/neither of the above written and performed by Luke Helly. It is a show that explores the absurdity of modern living in the UK using a combination of pre-recorded sketches, verbatim and improvisation. This show will appeal to anyone with an interest in alternative comedy, urban life and politics

Twitter: @lukingood14



Crown & Kettle

Date Time Tickets Concs
Sun 16 Jul 2017 8:00pm £6.00 £5.00
Mon 17 Jul 2017 8:00pm £6.00 £5.00
Tue 18 Jul 2017 8:00pm £6.00 £5.00